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These tea bars turned out so good! I can't stop _taste testing_

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Truly Great Chocolate

There is something special about trying chocolate made from fine cacao. You get all the wonderful chocolate richness, but you also get bold and exciting flavors. One of our favorite chocolate bars is the Madagascar 75%. The first taste is rich dark chocolate, but then you get hit with this wonderful raspberry flavor! Cacao from Belize has incredible floral notes, and Guatemalan cacao express berry, peach, and even espresso notes. The taste of American chocolate has changed and we think you're really going to enjoy it.


Bean-to-Bar Chocolate

Craft chocolate started making an impact on the food scene just a handful of years ago. People were introduced to chocolate with complex and rich flavors, often for the very first time. Today, similarly to other fine foods, the flavors of chocolate can be attributed to it's place of origin, harvest year, and to specific makers. This is an exciting time for chocolate and those who love it!


The term “Bean to Bar” is commonly used to describe this new craft movement, because Chocolate Makers do the entire process in house. Starting with fine flavored cacao beans, they sort, roast, winnow, grind, conche, mold, & temper their chocolate in house. Some makers even print and hand wrap all their wrappers. Bean to Bar chocolate is truly a handcrafted food.


Why Ethically Sourced
Cacao Matters 

Did you know that it takes about one small football sized cacao pod (with about 30-40 beans inside) to create just one bar of chocolate? Farmers work hard to grow, maintain and sell their cacao and it is important that they are supported and paid fairly. 

We teamed up with some incredible farms and co-ops around the world to bring you some amazing beans. Check out the Farms link to learn more. 

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